Winter 2015
Interactivity, Digital, Physical, Code

Juggle is a minimal arcade game inspired by early video games such as Pong. Players use the bumpers to juggle the ball and keep it in play. Each bump increases the score and ball speed. Juggle to survive!

Juggle was featured in Half & Half – UCLA's 2015 Design | Media Arts Undergraduate Exhibition. I mapped digital to physical space for this unique gallery installation. The game is projected onto the floor. Wall-mounted touch capacitive sensors activate corresponding bumpers in-game. This "LIVECADE" mode also features persistent high scores with a name input screen.

Processing, Arduino, custom capacitive sensors, projector

2nd Place – UCLA's 2015 Design | Media Arts Undergraduate Exhibition
UCLA Game Lab

Film & Photography – Max Mak
Outage font – Dave Whitley via Lost Type Co-op